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GYON welcomes referrals from GPs, medical practitioners, and other specialist obstetricians and gynaecologists

Conditions we treat Consultations and procedures

The gynaecological oncologists at GYON are highly respected by the wider medical community for providing the very best patient care for gynaecological cancers, benign gynaecological conditions and genital tract dysplasia. As trained surgical gynaecologists, they are a tertiary referral service providing valued advice and assistance to other specialist gynaecologists

Known for their surgical excellence and a personalised approach to care, our doctors have all completed extended specialist training and are highly skilled in open, laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques. They aim to use minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.

Our team collaborates extensively with international gynaecological oncology centres and local agencies including the Queensland Centre for Gynaeoncological Cancer (QCGC), Translational Research Institute (TRI), QMIR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and Queensland University of Technology. This close collaboration ensures our group remains active in research and clinical trials aimed at improving the current and future care of patients with gynaecological cancers.

Conditions we treat

Medical practitioners can refer patients for the following conditions:

Confirmed malignancy
  • Vulva
  • Ovary
  • Cervix
  • Endometrium
  • Vagina
Suspected malignancy
  • CT or ultrasound suggestive of ovarian mass, disseminated disease or abnormal tumour markers
  • Pelvic mass
  • Ovarian cyst with abnormal tumour markers
  • Suspicious vulval/vaginal lesion (require biopsy locally prior to referral)
  • Abnormal uterus/endometrium on CT or ultrasound
Tertiary referrals
  • From medical oncologists, breast oncologists, and radiation oncologists for patients with gynaecological concerns
  • Second opinion
  • Complex benign gynaecology
Risk reduction surgery
  • BRCA1 and 2 mutations
  • Lynch syndrome
  • Other genetic mutations (e.g. PALB2, RADC51)
  • That requires surgical management
  • That requires surgical management
  • High-risk HPV+
  • pHSIL or HSIL or cancer on smear
  • Biopsy proven CIN 2/3, ACIS or cancer
  • HPV 16 or 18 with normal cytology that requires colposcopy
Additional expert advice and consultation

If you’re a medical practitioner who has a patient with a gynaecological condition not listed above, our specialists are happy to review your referral and provide advice or consultation as needed.

Refer your Patient

Prior to referring your patient, please read our required Preoperative Investigations.

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Consultations and procedures

Our specialists conduct private practice at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and perform surgical procedures at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

For patients outside of Brisbane

We understand that it can be especially difficult for patients living in regional areas to access specialist gynaecological care. Our practice aims to be accessible to patients no matter where they live. From scheduling consultations and procedures close together, to helping arrange transport and accommodation, we’ll do whatever we can to make treatment for patients outside of Brisbane as convenient as possible.

How to refer your patient to GYON

We review all new referrals promptly and aim to arrange consultations as quickly as possible. Medical practitioners can refer patients by completing our Patient Referral Form, calling us on 07 3844 9932, or sending a fax to 07 3844 4159.

Pre-consultation Investigations

Prior to referring your patient, please request the following Pre-consultation Investigations. If you have any questions regarding the referral please give the practice a call on 07 3844 9932.

Ovarian Cancer Over 35 years

  • CA125, HE4 & ROMA, CA19.9, CEA, (If history of breast cancer CA15.3)
  • CT scan chest, abdomen & pelvis

Ovarian Cancer Under 35 years

  • CA125, HE4 & ROMA, CA19.9, Alpha Feto Protein, Beta HCG
  • CT scan chest, abdomen & pelvis

Endometrial Cancer

  • Histology
  • CA125
  • CT scan chest, abdomen & pelvis

Cervical Cancer

  • Histology
  • PET/CT if histology proves invasive cancer (+/- MRI up to Dr)


From the very first consultation through to personalised treatment and beyond, you’ll be expertly cared for by an exceptional team of gynaecological oncology surgeons.